Do You Love Sherlock Holmes and His Methods?

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I know how it feels to be a Sherlock Holmes fan. Heck, I am one!

You encounter Holmes for the first time - through a book, TV show, or movie. And that’s it - you fall in love.

Boy reading a Sherlock Holmes book

You want to devour more facts about Holmes' stories You want to relive this guy's cool deductions. And you want to analyze each part of his thinking process to find out how he reached that bizarre conclusion of his.

You want to learn more about those other characters - especially the affable Dr Watson. And what’s that love story between Holmes and Irene Adler they keep talking about?

You want to learn about the real Baker Street, or find out whether that hotel mentioned in The Blue Carbuncle exists in real life. You want to attempt quizzes about Holmes stories, and laugh at jokes that make fun of the quirky side of Sherlock Holmes...

...And compare one story to another and take part in discussions like: "Yeah I liked Holmes' deductions in this one but - the mystery in that one was so bizarre..."

Or maybe, read up some mind-boggling Holmes quotes (we know how freakin’ true they always turn out to be).

I know - because I am a Sherlock Holmes Fan. (And I can never get enough!)

Sherlock Holmes and Watson in a scene from The Red Headed League - This image was taken in the Sherlock Holmes Museum, London

Thank you for the image!

By the way, let me introduce myself…

I’m Meghashyam.

I was first introduced to Holmes when I was in grade 7.  I remember sitting in my granny’s house during the summer holidays and devouring the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories that my grandfather gifted me.

I was glued to the stories but - I also remember getting really scarrr…ed as I read The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot and The Hound of the Baskervilles (I kept thinking a hound would pop in, in the middle of the night - grr...)

In 2012, I downloaded a Kindle app for my phone, and lo! - before I knew it - I was reading each and every one of those original Holmes stories and novels again. The magic that dude had woven when I was 11 was still intact at 24! In fact - my admiration and fascination for him had only grown.

And there - I became a Holmes Fan all over again.

Fascinating Sherlock Holmes Info to
Fulfill Your Holmesian itch...

Whether you’ve encountered Holmes on TV, in a movie or through his stories, you’re warmly welcomed!

Here, you will find:

 * Fun-filled summaries, ratings and discussions about magical moments from the original Holmes novels and stories

* Fascinating facts about Holmes and his stories that will make you exclaim, “What? I didn’t know that!”

* Well-researched descriptions of the places mentioned in Holmes stories, and the Victorian era

* Tons of information on Holmes' life: How did he become a detective? How much money did he earn? Answers to all those 'I'm just curious' questions...

* Cartloads of Holmes quotes  (he was as witty as he was intelligent!)

* Sneak peeks of all the cool characters in the Holmes stories - from Dr. Watson to Mrs. Hudson to Inspector Lestrade.

* And to have more fun - Sherlock Holmes jokes, quizzes and infographics!

Soon enough, I also plan to add:

* Links to all legally free Holmes books, TV Shows, games and movies.

* A comprehensive collection of Holmes memorabilia - from hats and pipes to his complete costume.

Note: The Original Stories...

Throughout this site, I've focussed more on the original Holmes stories and novels and less on other TV shows, movies and books not by Conan Doyle.

Why? Honestly, because those're the ones I am really crazy about!

* Detailed information about all the freaking places in the world that are related to Holmes - including hotels and tour plans.

* And basically anything else that you’d love to know about Holmes and the stories!

I really hope you enjoy this 'relaxing place for Sherlock Holmes Fans' as much as I am enjoying creating it.

Enough said, off we go to investigate…

Let’s take the 3 PM train to HolmesVille Watson! :-)


(Header pictures: Campblood and Riddlesbrood.)

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