Fun-Filled Sherlock Holmes Calculators and Widgets…

…That’ll Tell You Useless But Fascinating Facts

love calculators and widgets. So I thought I’d create some about Sherlock Holmes using Wolfram Alpha.

This page is the result.

These intriguing calculators will tell you answers to questions like:

What’s Sherlock Holmes got to do with the Moon?

How many page views does the Sherlock Holmes page on Wikipedia get everyday?

How old would Sherlock Holmes be today?

Why not try them out yourself?

Here’s the first one…

How Much Would Sherlock Holmes’ Money Be Worth Today?

Sherlock Holmes gets paid £6000 in The Priory School. He gets paid £1000 in A Scandal in Bohemia.

Whenever I read such amounts in the original Sherlock Holmes stories, I’m like:

What does that amount mean today?

Here’s an interesting currency converter that’ll give you a rough estimate of Holmes’ money.

It’ll tell you the value of the money today if you enter any amount of money from the year – 1895.

The converter uses the change in Retail Price Index (RPI) – the average change in retail prices – to make this conversion.

That’s not perr…fect. But, it does give a very good estimate of what 1 pound for Sherlock Holmes would mean for us today.

In case there’s an error, click the ‘Calculate value of that money today’ button again. 

It’s fascinating to see that one pound in those days goes such a long way today.

For instance, if you type ‘6000’ – Sherlock Holmes’ reward money in The Priory School, you get a whopping…

…$964, 284.

That’s a mind-blowing sum for a single case!

How Old Would the Original Sherlock Holmes Be Today?

According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes was born in 1854. 

Various Sherlockians however, have zeroed in on the exact date – January 6th – as well. The first guy to suggest that date was a person called Christopher Morely. And now everyone’s happy with the choice.

That brings us back to the question: How old would Sherlock Holmes be today?

Or: how old was Sherlock Holmes when man first stepped on the moon? Or when World War II ended?

Ask this widget!

In case there’s an error, click the ‘Calculate his age’ button again. 

Here’s an interesting tit-bit: on January 6, 2018, Sherlock Holmes turned exactly 164 years old.


How Much Time Has Passed Since Sherlock Holmes Made His First Appearance?

 It makes me quite emotional – thinking of the moment when Sherlock Holmes firstappeared in print.Ironically, not many people who read his name for the first time – knew just howpopular he’d turn out to be.

That issue of the Beeton’s Christmas Annual in which the first Sherlock Holmes novel – A Study in Scarlet – first appeared, sold for $157,000 in 2007 (Sotheby’s).

Check how much time has passed since that historical date here…

In case there’s an error, click the ‘Calculate time!’ button again. 

The Cool Sherlock Holmes Trivia Widget!

This is the widget that matches the most with the title of this page.

It will give you absolutely useless facts about Sherlock Holmes that are fascinating!

And come on, not everything in life is about usefulness, right?

So, select your option below and figure out….

….what Sherlock has got to do with the Moon, how many billions of times the word Sherlock has been used in history, how many words contain all the letters of the word Sherlock and more crazy stuff!

In case there’s an error, click the ‘Show me trivia!’ button again. 

What Would the Equation of a Sherlock Holmes Shaped Graph Be?

I don’t know if this is only me, but I love the idea of plotting a mathematical curve that looks like…

…Sherlock Holmes!

I have no idea how it does it, but this Wolfram Alpha widget draws a Sherlock Holmes curve and then even provides the freakin’ equation of the curve!

You can even select BBC Sherlock’s John Watson, Molly Hooper, Mycroft, Lestrade, or Jim Moriarty from the menu and get their curves drawn!

(There’s an error with this widget right now which is preventing it from showing the equations of the other curves except for Sherlock Holmes’ curve.  I’m trying to make that work too…)

Well, enough said!

Why don’t you give it a try?

In case of any error click ‘Plot a graph and show me the equation!’ again.

Now if you can see the equation above, and you have no idea what these x(t)and y(t) thingies mean, well, they’re just another way to write the equation of a curve.

It’s called the parametric form of an equation.

And if the θ symbol above is bamboozling you, it’s the Heaviside step function.

I know – it would be cool if we could have a simple, little equation to represent our good old Sherlock Holmes’ figure.

But nope, it’s not that easy. You’ve got to involve t and θ and god knows what to plot that shape…

…That’s how it is. 🙂

Well, so those were my tries at creating some Sherlock Holmes widgets and calculators.

If you’ve got some cool ideas about more widgets I could add, comment below and I’ll try my best to get them on board.

And if you’re looking for still more Sherlock Holmes trivia, this is a very good page to take a look at.