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Sherlock Holmes and the Moon, two interesting, new posts and more!
January 08, 2016

Meghashyam here from

Hope you have a happy and insightful new year!

Let's start with...

The Fascinating Sherlockian Fact of the Month

Earlier in this newsletter, I've talked about places called Sherlock in Australia and the USA, but did you know that there's actually a crater named after Sherlock Holmes on the Moon?

Well, there is!

It's called Sherlock and it's situated very near the site where NASA's Apollo 17 landed in 1972.

Here's the Wikipedia entry about this crater.

And here's an interesting picture of astronaut Eugene Cernan around 1 kilometre away from the Sherlock crater:

It's heartening to know that there's no dearth of astronauts who are also Sherlock Holmes fans!

What's new at

Interesting Facts and Info About 'The Abbey Grange'

If you've read the Sherlock Holmes story 'The Abbey Grange,' you might enjoy reliving the magical moments of the story and learn some cool trivia about the story here.

And if you haven't read 'The Abbey Grange' - you should!. I think it's one of the most amazing and under-rated Sherlock Holmes stories.

Read the page here:

Why Did Sherlock Holmes Use Cocaine?

Rupsa Banerjee, a reader from Kolkata, India, recently asked me this question.

I thought and thought about it until I came up with this:

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

Well, I can't talk about any discovery this month without first mentioning...

...The Abominable Bride!

BBC Sherlock's special episode was first telecast on January 1, 2016 - and since then the web has been abuzz with reviews.

Here's the best place I've found that lists tons of opinions from across the web: of.html#.Vo9dn_l97IV

It's an interesting page with links to loads of reviews about The Abominable Bride.

My personal opinion? To be honest, I was disappointed by the 'modern' twist to the Victorian plot.

There were a lot of splendid scenes and amazing references to the original Sherlock Holmes stories - but I think they didn't fit in together into a 'flowing' storyline.

I'd rate it 7/10.

Another interesting discovery for me this month was this interview with Dr. Joseph Bell that was first published on 28th December, 1893.

Yup, this is the same Dr. Joseph Bell on whom Sherlock Holmes' character was based!

Here's the historical interview:

I love quizzes and I recently discovered a not- that-easy-at-all Sherlock Holmes quiz.

If you've read all the Sherlock Holmes stories a couple of times, why, you'll love cruising through this!

Here's the quiz:

Well, that's about it for this month.

See you in February!

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