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Funny Sherlockian Limericks, the 'Sherlock Holmes Fan' Store and More!
February 10, 2016

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Hope you're doing great! Time to begin with...

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tit-bit of the Month

This month I have been absolutely fascinated by Sherlockian limericks!

In case you're not aware of limericks, they're funny (and silly) 5-lined poems with a special rhyming scheme.

For example, look at this limerick by the famous science fiction author (and Sherlock Holmes fan!) Isaac Asimov. It's about 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time' from Silver Blaze:

A bright tale of a dog and a horse

(And there's also a murder, of course)

Which involves the odd fact

That the dog failed to act

Which Holmes found of significant force.

Asimov wrote a complete book on Sherlockian limericks - one limerick for each Sherlock Holmes story or novel!

Here's another cool limerick about BBC Sherlock - by a woman who goes by the handle @Its_mummyholmes on Twitter:

There once was a consulting detective,

High functioning – not the least defective.

He put Anderson in his place,

By criticising his face,

‘Cos with friends, he’s rather selective.

So, this month, I thought, why don't I churn some of these 5-lined thingies out?

So I did!

Here's one of the limericks I penned:

The autumn sun's quite hot,

In London, the melting pot,

Sherlock needs a case

Or his engine-brain will race

and he'll succumb to you-know-what!

Here's another one:

John Watson tried a ton-

To write limericks. He managed none...

And became very frustrated,

Until it was communicated

That he was at least part of one!

Here's yet another one:

There was once a boy from Coventry,

Who kept saying 'Elementary!'

He just wouldn't cease,

Until he was given a piece

Of the finest chocolate from the pantry!

In fact, I wrote 17 more limericks - which I'll publish soon in the form of a page at :-)

Doesn't writing these sound like fun? It definitely was for me.

What's new at

The Sherlock Holmes Fan Shop Is Now Live!

This month, I launched the interesting 'Sherlock Holmes fan shop' via Cafepress.

You can check it out right here:

It's got fun products like this mug that talks about the curious incident of the coffee on Monday morning - or this t-shirt that features a three cupcake problem. :-)

Whether you like the store or not, please do give me any frank feedback about it by filling this form. I'll really appreciate it. Thanks!

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

This month, I came across some wonderful Sherlockian links/books that I just have to share with you.

For starters, take a peek at this video here:

This is a real video of London in the late 1920s - the years in which the last few Sherlock Holmes stories appeared. It's a splendid peek into how London was exactly during the last few Holmes stories.

Definitely worth a watch!

Then, an endearing book I came across recently was this: The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes by Glenn Schatell.

It features loads of Sherlock Holmes based cartoons with Holmes in all sorts of ridiculous situations and looks quite funny.

My last discovery of the month is this incredible collection of around 80 of the best Sherlock Holmes stories NOT written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's called 'The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories' and the stories have been selected by Sherlockian Otto Penzler.

The book features the best Holmes stories penned by fans in the last 100 years!

Here's the book on Amazon:

Worth checking out, I say.

Well, that's it for February. See you next month.


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