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Interesting Sherlockian Word Stats, Reader Submitted Poems and More!
April 12, 2016

I'm Megh from

Let's start off with:

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tit-bits of the Month

This time around, I thought about an interesting question: Which are the most common words in all the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels?

For example, which is the 6-lettered word that appears the largest number of times in all the Sherlock Holmes stories?

What about the most common 7-lettered word? 8-lettered?

After some deep digging using the 'word frequency counter' at, I came across some fascinating results!

I is of course the most common 1-lettered word that appears 16,704 times in all the stories.

'Of' is the most common 2-lettered word which appears 16,751 times in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

'The' is the most common 3-lettered word which appears (hold your breath)...

...36,218 times in the stories!

The most common 4-lettered word? That - 11,252 times. Five-lettered? Which - 4,276 times.

The 6-lettered words is when it starts to get more interesting.

Take a guess about the 6-lettered word that appears the most in all the stories. Come on, you know it...

...Holmes! But you deduced that, right?

Holmes appears a respectable 2914 times!

The 7-lettered word that appears the most is: nothing. Which is surprising, isn't it? After all, one would have expected 'perhaps' or 'observe' or 'obvious.' But it's nothing which appears 756 times.

What about the most common 8-lettered word in all the stories?

This is again a word you may have guessed. Take a guess before you see it...

It's Sherlock. Appears 412 times.

The topper when it comes to 9-lettered words is something at 438 appearances.

And finally, the king of 10- lettered words in the canon is understand. The word appears 252 times in all the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels.

Here's a fun graph that shows these words.

(If the image isn't clear, take a look here: )

Yes, this information is completely useless. :-) But come on, doesn't it make for a cool trivia question to ask your friends?

What's New at

Recently, I posted a page that features a gripping poem and some funny limericks sent by readers.

Interesting Rhymes By Sherlock Holmes Fans

There's a beautiful poem about what John truly feels about Sherlock, a not-so-flattering take on Sherlock Holmes fan fiction - and more fun stuff. Take a peek here:

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

This month, I came across two Sherlockian books that are as different from each other as they could be.

The first one is 'The Sherlock Holmes Handbook' (Second edition) by Chris Redmond. Now this book has been around for quite a while - but it's only recently that I stumbled across it. If you love the world of Sherlock Holmes and want to find out more about the stories, Victorian life, British law at that time, Sherlockian societies and just about anything and everything related to Sherlock Holmes - this book is it.

It's not completely up-to-date given that it was published in 2009, but it's still amazingly informative.

Chris, is of course the webmaster of, one of the most exhaustive Holmes websites on this Earth.

The second book is actually an interesting comic book. It's called 'Baker Street Peculiars' and it's by Roger Langridge and Andy Hirsch. Apparently, stone statues in the London of the 1930s are coming to life and no one know exactly why. Here's a page about this book that sure does look intriguing.

Well, that's about it for this month!

See you again, soon.

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