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Sherlock Holmes on Stage, the Sherlock Holmes Blood Test and More!
May 13, 2016

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Let's start off with:

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tit-bits of the Month

This month, I thought I'd research some fun facts about portrayals of Sherlock Holmes on stage.

Here are some of the not-so-well-known things I found about Holmes on stage:

1. Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was first portrayed on stage by a man called Charles Brookfield in a play called 'Under the Clock' on November 25, 1893?

That's how early Sherlock Holmes' first on-stage portrayal was!

Don't believe me? Take a look at the original notice with the details of the play here:

2. You must've heard of the most popular Sherlock Holmes performer on stage: William Gillette.

But did you know that while Gillette did indeed portray Holmes more than 1000 times, it is another man called Hamilton Stewart who holds the record for portraying Holmes the most number of times?

Yup! Hamilton Stewart is said to have portrayed Holmes around 2000 times!

(Source: The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes by Leslie Klinger.)

In fact, William Gillette portrayed Holmes the third highest number of times - the second highest portrayar being H.A. Saintsbury. Saintsbury portrayed Holmes around 1400 times from 1903 to 1910!

However Gillette was definitely the man who popularized the deerstalker hat, Holmes' Inverness cape and his calabash pipe.

3. The first Sherlock Holmes play in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle played any role at all was Sherlock Holmes (four-acts) in 1899. The play was originally written by Doyle but William Gillette (who portrayed Holmes in it) changed the script almost completely.

The play premiered on November 6, 1899.

Here's a picture of the promotional poster:

What's New at

If you've read A Study in Scarlet, you'll definitely remember the famous scene where Sherlock Holmes first meets John Watson. In that scene, Sherlock Holmes says (or rather screams out) that he's discovered a fool-proof test to detect blood.

A reader from India asked me this question recently:

Does Sherlock Holmes' test for blood mentioned in A Study in Scarlet Really Exist?

The question made me delve deep into the world of forensics and I scoured everything I could find about the topic.

Here's the final, final deal about the Sherlock Holmes blood test:

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

This month, I came across a fascinating site that features incredible crochet creations of John and Sherlock by a woman called Michelle.

Discovering those uber-cute crochet figures just made my day. Here's the site:

Yet another interesting Sherlockian discovery this month was this TED-Ed video about Sherlock Holmes:

The animation-based video leads you through a lot of interesting facts about Sherlock Holmes. Worth a watch.

And finally, here's an interesting-looking Sherlockian quiz-book I came across in April:

The book is 'The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book' by Andrew Murray. Apparently, the book features about 1000 trivia-questions about Sherlock Holmes! That does sound intriguing.

Well, so that's about it this month.

See you again, soon! :-)

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