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Months in the Sherlock Holmes Stories and Interesting Info About Sherlockian Train Stations
August 15, 2016

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Let's start off with:

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tit-bit of the Month

Can you guess which month is mentioned the most in the Sherlock Holmes stories?

Which month is mentioned the least?

Well, after some deep digging, it turned out that out of all the 12 months, the month that's mentioned the highest number of times in all the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels is...


Yup, the month of May beats all the other months - it's mentioned 16 times in the canon.

Not far behind May, at second position, is the month of - March. March is mentioned exactly 15 times in the Holmes stories.

Who's the loser then? The month that's mentioned the least number of times?

Turns out - that position is held by December. It's mentioned a meager 4 times.

In fact, here's a fun graph that shows the number of times each month is mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes stories:

The current month, August - is somewhere in the middle - being mentioned 10 times.

Interesting Reads at

I'm working on an interesting Sherlockian app still (as I mentioned in the last newsletter). It's a fun app I'm really, really excited about. I'll post about it really soon!

But it's taking up so much of my time, I haven't been able to post anything new at Sherlock Holmes Fan.

In the meanwhile, here's post on that has a list of all the pages I've created about the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels.

Each page features fun facts, trivia and magical moments from that story.

List of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Take a peek!

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

This month, I stumbled upon an F.A.Q. page about Sherlock Holmes that I loved!

In fact, I learnt quite a few things I didn't know about Sherlock Holmes from this page.

Here it is:

It's a bit like a Sherlock Holmes guide for dummies - but with quite a few 'expert' facts thrown in.

By the by, in case you haven't seen it, here's my own Sherlock Holmes F.A.Q. section.

One more interesting article I stumbled upon this month was this post about railways in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

It's a long read - but if you're looking for a definitive guide that tells you loads of details about almost every train station mentioned in the stories - this page is it.

An interesting book I stumbled upon (yet again) this month was The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

The book has 83 of 'the best' Sherlock Holmes stories not written by Conan Doyle written over a period of more than 100 years. It is definitely worth a read.

Well, that's about it for the month!

See you soon. :-)

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