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Sherlock Holmes in Different Languages + the Sherlockoji App and More!
November 22, 2016

Megh here from

Let's start off with:

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tid-bit of the Month

Do you know how many languages the Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into?

This month, I decided to find out.

After some research, I was puzzled by the variety in the numbers I found:

The number is 60 languages according to Wikipedia.

It's 99 languages according to the BBC and... 77 according to Anglotopia.

All the numbers are pretty large!

Well, the Wikipedia's source seems to have not registered its domain, so I'll go with the BBC's figure - 99 different languages!

In any case, even if the other numbers are correct - all of these numbers are 'stupendo-fantabulous!'

The Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into 99 languages!

I thought it would be interesting to know how the word 'Sherlock Holmes' looks in different scripts. For example, how would it look in Arabic? Or Japanese?

Here's a fun picture I've created that shows how the word 'Sherlock Holmes' looks in some languages with a script other than English's Roman script.


Interesting! I especially like how the Japanese version looks (though I don't know Japanese).

What's New At

Sherlockoji: The Sherlock Holmes Emoji Stickers App is Live!

If you haven't yet checked it out, Sherlockoji is a cool app for iPhone and Android that allows you to share fun Sherlockian emojis and pictures!

Here's an example of what you could do with Sherlockoji for instance:


You can also send Victorian telegrams and dancing men messages.

The basic version of the app if free to download and it has 65+ free emojis. The premium version has 200+ Sherlockian stickers.

Here's where you can download the Android phone version:

And here's where you can download the iPhone version:


Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

This month, I came across an interesting Sherlockian book called 'Vatican Cameos' by Rich Ryan. The book looks incredibly interesting: it's got 29 five star reviews on Amazon out of 29 reviews.

The book's set in 1901 and it's got Sherlock Holmes heading to Rome, because the Pope's residence has been burgled!

Another interesting find this month was this fun 'honest trailer' of BBC's Sherlock. I smiled throughout the irreverant video and quite enjoyed it.

Here it is:

Then, the third interesting thing I came across was a fascinating video of Arthur Conan Doyle with his family. The video is not viewable from all locations, but here's the link anyway:

Thanks @alistaird221b - I got to know about this video from him.

So, well, that's about it for the month!

See you soon. :-)

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