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Fun Sherlockian Tid-bits, Stamps Featuring Holmes and More!
January 19, 2017

Megh here from

Let's start off with:

The Fascinating Sherlockian Tid-bits of the Month

I've mentioned Sherlock, the crater on the Moon and the Mac search tool in past newsletters - but here are some interesting Sherlocks you may not have heard of!

Did you know that...

* There's a Japanese 'puppetry' TV show called Sherlock Holmes that actually shows Holmes and Watson as puppets? The show was telecast from October, 2014 to February, 2015. The show begins when John Watson, a boy who transfers from Australia to a fictional London boarding school called Beeton School, becomes the roommate of Sherlock Holmes.

* 'Sherlock' is a plagiarism detection software launched by the University of Sydney that can compare text files and detect how similar to pieces of text are? That's right.

* Sherlock is the name of a taxi-business running software based in London? It is! Here we go:

* Sherlock is the name of a state-of-the-art app that unlocks your house for visitors when you're not there - apparently without even the need to change your lock?

It even displays messages like 'G. Lestrade has unlocked both doors' when it unlocks them!

* I've written about this before - but hey - there's no harm in saying it again: Sherlock is a river in Australia! Yes it is!

OK, it's not like the longest river or anything (it's length is 393 km) but it's there.

Interesting Stuff From

Now that Episode 3 of BBC Sherlock's Season 4 is over, these two pages about the original Final Problem and The Musgrave Ritual deserve a re-visit:

The Final Problem - Facts and Trivia

The Musgrave Ritual - Magical Story Moments and Trivia

Also, by the way - just in case you haven't checked it out yet - do take a peek at the Sherlockoji app for iOS and Android. It allows you to send fun Sherlockian emojis - when you're happy, sad, angry, name it.

Here's where to find it: http://www.sherlockholmes-

Sherlockian Discoveries of the Month

There's been a lot going on in the Sherlockian world this month - what with BBC Sherlock's Season 4 just having gotten over!

How were those three episodes?

The single best place with loads of opinions about each episode is this:

You'll find, at the very least, 4 reviews of each episode. Great job, there.

Another interesting page I've always liked and I want to point out again this month is this one:

It's got the best collection of Sherlock Holmes stamps ever! For instance, did you know that Liberia and San Marino have issued Sherlock Holmes themed stamps?

Then, I've always had a thing for anagrams and this page about Sherlockian anagrams is a lot of fun! Take a peek at my third recommendation for this month:

So, well, that's about it for now!

See you soon. :-)

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