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Number of Actors Who've Played Sherlock Holmes + An Interesting Infographic
March 03, 2015

I'm Megh from

Hope February was a happy month for you.

Let me flag off this month's Sherlock Holmes Gazette with...

The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month

Did you know that...

...A total of 75 actors have played Sherlock Holmes in history?

Now, I'm not saying this is a 100% fool-proof number. But - this is the bare minimum I came up with after poring over all possible Wikipedia articles and whatever was listed on IMDB.

I was quite fascinated to know that '75' people have played good old Holmes. I mean 75 is a huge number...

These 75 actors have depicted Sherlock Holmes in (hold your breath) more than 292 'different' movies and TV shows (according to IMDB). Wow.

Here's an interesting picture of 'some' of those actors:

And here's another picture that shows the birthdays of 'some' of those actors:

What's New at Sherlock Holmes Fan?

1 A Fascinating Page About Sherlock Holmes' Birthday!

Ever since I learnt that Sherlock Holmes' birthday was on January 6th, the question in my mind was: 'why?'

So, I researched the heck out of 'the birthday' and here's the result:

2 Who Am I?

Now I know you may not exactly be gung-ho about who I am, but I had some fun clicking some 'Sherlock Holmes' style pics and writing about myself last month.

Here's my detailed 'About Me' page where I've rambled on about myself:

Time now for...

This Month's Special Sherlockian Sizzler...

...Which is an infographic about Sherlock Holmes that I created some time ago.

It's got answers to some fun questions like:

Which Sherlock Holmes story is the most hated?

Which is the most popular one?

And which 7-lettered word is the most used in all the Sherlock Holmes stories?

Which is the funniest Sherlock Holmes quote?

Without much ado, here's the infographic:

If you want to learn more fun stuff about the Sherlock Holmes stories, visiting this page might be a good idea:

It is one of the most shared pages on

Well, so that's about it this month. :-)


Have an exciting month ahead. See you soon.

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