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Number of People Named Sherlock Holmes + Fun 'Sherlockian' Puzzles
April 03, 2015

I'm Megh from

Hope you're doing great.

I'll begin this month's Sherlock Holmes Gazette with...

The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month

Did you know that...

...According to, 2115 people have had the exact name 'Sherlock Holmes' throughout history?

These people were surely a bit lucky though - to have the last name 'Holmes.' Then, all the parents had to do was name their kid 'Sherlock'!

According to my research on the Internet, there are at least 43 people in the world who are alive right now - who have been named exactly 'Sherlock Holmes.'

It would be interesting to have that name, wouldn't it?

By the way, here's a picture I found that shows a family from 1911 that named its children Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes! Now that's one real fan family, eh?


What's New at Sherlock Holmes Fan?

An Exhaustive Page about BBC Sherlock

I was the guy who kept saying 'no' to BBC's Sherlock. I was a 'book-fan' and so I wanted to remain.

Finally however, some months ago I decided to try out BBC Sherlock once and ordered a DVD set...

...And I became a complete fan! I've written about everything (almost) I know about BBC Sherlock here:

It's a fun read (I hope!)

Time now for...

This Month's Special Sherlockian Sizzler...

...Which is a fascinating page that has 'Sherlockian riddles.' I discovered this page around a week ago and really enjoyed it.

Here it is:

Hope you enjoy the 'puzzles' there.

There's a 'quiz' page at as well. It's got trivia rather than 'riddles' though. Here it is:

Well, bye for now!

See you next month. :-)

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