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'How many copies of the Sherlock Holmes books have been sold till date?' + more trivia
July 07, 2015

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I'll start off this month's Sherlock Holmes Gazette with...

The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month

I've always been curious about this: how many copies of the Sherlock Holmes books have been sold?

Recently, I tried to research the heck out of the Internet to find this out.

While I couldn't find out stats for all of the books, what I did find out is this:

Around 60 million copies of 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' had been sold from 1887 till mid-2014!

Also, the book has been translated into at least 60 languages...

And mind you, we're only talking about ONE out of the NINE Sherlock Holmes books out there!

(These stats are thanks to

What's New at Sherlock Holmes Fan?

All About 'The Great Game'

Yes it's still a wait till BBC Sherlock's next season (they say it'll be out in 2017!) but just a few weeks ago, I added a fun page about the third BBC Sherlock episode: The Great Game.

Here it is:

It's got some interesting pictures about The Great Game, magical moments, cool trivia about the episode and a lot of fun stuff. I Hope you enjoy the page as much as I LOVED creating it (especially the pictures).

I'm also currently working on a 'playful' Sherlock Holmes quiz that I'll tell you about very soon.

My First Two Sherlock Holmes T-shirts

I'm quite excited to tell you that recently, I designed my first 2 Sherlock Holmes themed t-shirts on Zazzle!

It was fun and you can check them out here:*

I'm quite kicked about adding more designs soon!

Time now for...

This Month's Special Sherlockian Sizzler...

This month, I found a fascinating page (full of infographics) that has loads of fun trivia related to Sherlock Holmes. Take a peek at it here (if you haven't already seen it!):

I also came across a fun-filled quiz called 'Are you more like Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson?'

(Imagine my delight when the answer actually came out to be 'Sherlock Holmes' for me. :-))

Here's that quiz:

Well, that's about it for now!

See you again, next month.

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