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'How many total Sherlock Holmes characters are there?' + A quiz and interesting links
August 07, 2015

Megh here from

Hope you're doing great today!

I'll again start off this month's Sherlock Holmes Gazette with...

The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month

The Sherlock Holmes stories and novels have loads of characters, right?

I mean, there are some like Inspector Lestrade and Stanley Hopkins who come in and say, "Hello!" once in a while.

Then there are people like Kitty Winter or even the one and only - Irene Adler - who appear in just one story: but then they rock the story.

So, I thought I'd find out how many total characters there are in total in the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels.

Well, turns out - that there are a total of 506 important characters related to the case - in all the Holmes stories and novels!

I think the number's pretty huge because I'm not dragging in butlers and coachmen or anything. I'm just talking about characters who are really important in the story.

Plus: I'm only talking about named characters...

...So, I think 506 is a cool number!

Here's a fun 'graph' that shows who these 506 characters are:

What's New at Sherlock Holmes Fan?

Which On-screen Sherlock Holmes Are You?

I loved creating a fun quiz last month. This quiz asks you some weird questions and then predicts which Sherlock Holmes your personality is the most similar to.

Are you like Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock? Or does your personality resemble the wacky Robert Downey Jr? Or maybe you're more like Jeremy Brett? Or Jonny Lee Miller or Basil Rathbone?

Find out by answering some fun questions here:

By the way, when I attempted the quiz, I turned out to be...

...Robert Downey Jr. I so wanted to be Benedict Cumberbatch though!

This Month's Special Sherlockian Sizzler...

Today, I want to share two interesting Sherlockian links.

The first one has a fascinating collection of Sherlock Holmes illustrations (the original ones), information about musicians mentioned in the original stories and some sounds from Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes series.

Here it is:

The second one has a really exhaustive list of all the freaking places mentioned in the original Holmes stories!

Here it is:

Both these sites have been around since the days of the 'early man' but they're still pretty darn awesome.

Well, that's it for now!

See you soon.

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