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How much money did Sherlock Holmes earn? Plus - some cool Sherlock quotes!
September 09, 2015

Megh from here.

Hope you're doing great today!

I'll start off this month's Sherlock Holmes Gazette with...

The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month

We all know that Sherlock Holmes was definitely NOT poor in the original stories.

But then: what would Sherlock Holmes' net worth have been?

How much money would he have had at the end of his career?

I thought I'd find out!

Now this isn't mentioned in any story, but there are quite some hints dropped...

...For example, Sherlock Holmes is paid 1000 pounds in The Beryl Coronet.

He's paid 1000 pounds again in The Blue Carbuncle and A Scandal in Bohemia, 6000 pounds in The Priory School and 500 pounds more in His Last Bow.

Those are the main rewards mentioned in the original stories but obviously there must be many, many more rewards that are not mentioned...

I took into account the year in which each of these 'reward stories' is set - and then I converted 'those' pounds into today's dollars.

According to this historical currency converter, the final amount comes out to be...

...around $1,227,279 or around 798,781 pounds today.

That's more than a million dollars! From which we can clearly deduce that Sherlock Holmes was definitely as rich as a millionaire would be today.

Wow. That's cool. And mind you, as I said: I've only taken into account his rewards mentioned in four stories!

What's New at Sherlock Holmes Fan?

30 'Sherlock' Quotes That Are Absolutely Delightful

I 'stumbled' upon BBC Sherlock last year (I know - that's late!). However, ever since I did stumble upon it, I became an excited fan.

Here's a collection of my favourite quotes from BBC Sherlock (with some fun pictures and tit-bits sprinkled in):

Take a peek!

This Month's Special Sherlockian Sizzler...

There are plenty of Sherlockian quizzes out there and I thought I'd share three fun quiz links this month.

Here's an easy one that I discovered recently:

Then, here's the 'big daddy' of quizzes that's been there on the Internet since the 'dinosaur days':

Definitely tougher.

And finally, there's my own quiz right here:

This one's got three levels from super-duper easy to mind-numbingly tough.

Well, that's all for now!

See you again next month.

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