Can You Identify This Sherlock Holmes Film?

Question asked by Hrant from

Yerevan, Armenia

There was this Sherlock Holmes feature length film (Jeremy Brett acted in it) whose name I just can’t remember. Can you tell me which film that was?

The detective Sherlock Holmes investigates the death, in a locked room, of one of two middle-aged bachelor brothers living in a large house in a London suburb. I remember Holmes climbing down the wall of the house during his investigation.

For the life of me I can’t remember the title. Can you help wit
h the title?

My Answer

Hi, Hrant.

I am sure that the movie you are talking about is The Sign of Four.

Jeremy Brett acted in this movie in 1987.

Why am I so sure that it is this movie you were thinking about?

Well, I went through the complete list of Jeremy Brett’s movies/TV show episodes.

The only movie/TV show episode in which there are two brot

hers and one of them is murdered – is The Sign of Four. Thaddeus Sholto and Bartholomew Sholto are the two brothers in the story.

And by the way, here’s Sherlock Holmes – that’s Jeremy Brett – climbing down a wall šŸ™‚


That nails it, don’t you think?

Two brothers – check.
One of them murdered – check.
Holmes descends from a wall – check.

So well, that’s the movie.