Can You Identify This Sherlock Holmes Film?

by Hrant
(Yerevan, Armenia)

Question by Hrant From Yerevan, Armenia

There was this Sherlock Holmes feature length film (Jeremy Brett acted in it) whose name I just can't remember. Can you tell me which film that was?

The detective Sherlock Holmes investigates the death, in a locked room, of one of two middle-aged bachelor brothers living in a large house in a London suburb. I remember Holmes climbing down the wall of the house during his investigation.

For the life of me I can't remember the title. Can you help with the title?

My Answer

Hi, Hrant.

I am sure that the movie you are talking about is The Sign of Four.

Jeremy Brett acted in this movie in 1987.

Why am I so sure that it is this movie you were thinking about?

Well, I went through the complete list of Jeremy Brett's movies/TV show episodes.

The only movie/TV show episode in which there are two brothers and one of them is murdered - is The Sign of Four. Thaddeus Sholto and Bartholomew Sholto are the two brothers in the story.

And by the way, here's Sherlock Holmes - that's Jeremy Brett - climbing down a wall :-)

Jeremy Brett in The Sign of Four

That nails it, don't you think?

Two brothers - check.
One of them murdered - check.
Holmes descends from a wall - check.

So well, that's the movie.

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