Interesting Sherlockian Rhymes by Sherlock Holmes Fans!

by ‘221-Been-Locked’, Karen Lee and Bob Hoberg
(London, the UK and Various Places in the US)

Sherlock Holmes fans like you have been incredibly creative and have submitted some really interesting Sherlockian poems and limericks.

Here are some cool submissions I’ve received.

Deep Inside John’s Heart

Let’s start off with someone who calls herself ‘221-Been-Locked’.

This person from London has submitted this intense poem that expresses John’s myriad feelings for Sherlock.

I type this out as you smirk and say,

“John! Less sentimentality in the case report today!”

Though you can deduce with lightning speed-

Perhaps my heart you can never read.

You say – “Ah, you see but you don’t observe.”

Minuscule details to your mind serve

As that enigmatic moment of Oh-I-See,

While all the time you contemplate so…


Unbeknownst to you, I have seen

And observed well that exquisite sheen

And the blinding brilliance of your verdigris eyes…

…That might make me commit an ‘unholy vice’.

Is it love? Is is lust ? Or mere infatuation

Un-spelled by any stolid numerical equation?

Unlike Science, where logic rules

This turns my mind into fluffy spools!

Oh Sherlock, this is what I glimpse:

(I’ll say, it’ll liken me to romantic wimps.)

What I see in your opalescent orbs

As my pulse rises and my heart throbs –

In your eyes as mysterious as a fathomless galaxy,

A thousand stars envelop me.

In it I glimpse a whole universe;

A billion songs in gleaming verse;

Glorious shimmers that bind me in spells-

From cranial fissures to my metatarsals.

A glimpse of you makes my blood sing

My stomach forged of butterflies and heartbeat wings…

But most of all what I choose to see

Is the reflection, of you and me,

Happy and smiling on a reckless chase,

Tired but contended in its blinding haze.

And your silver laugh and lovely smile,

I store carefully in my memory file,

And think of you as you slowly fall asleep-

In your blue dressing gown counting murders, not sheep.

- ‘221-Been-Locked’ from London, The United Kingdom

Opinion of a Sherlockian Purist

Next in line is a limerick from Karen Lee from the USA who doesn’t exactly adore Sherlock Holmes pastiches!

Take a peek at her ridiculously brilliant rhyme about fan-fiction:

The writers of Sherlockian pastiches,

I consider them all sons of bitches.

Try as they might,

They don’t write them right,

Even with use of the clichés.*

– Karen Lee, the USA

(*Pronounce to rhyme with “pastiches.”)

I’m myself not a fan of Sherlockian pastiches – there aren’t many that can be compared with the original stories, you see. But, this limerick goes more than a step or two ahead of me when it comes to not loving pastiches.:-)

Sherlock Holmes is Bored Again!

Bob Hoberg from the US has penned this limerick about Sherlock Holmes’ love for mind-numbing problems…

…and what happens to him when they’re not there.

While Holmes relished problems arcane,

He loathed those dull and mundane.

As he sat by the fire

Awaiting a case to transpire

He would reach for his vial of cocaine.

– Bob Hoberg, the USA

Well put, Bob!

What about YOU?

If you’d love to share any poem or limerick about Sherlock Holmes that you’ve composed on this page, send it to me! I’ll take a peek and it could be featured here.

Here’s, how I’ll put it:

Discover the joy of creating-

Get your creative fans rotating,

Write a Sherlockian limerick

Or anything that gives you a kick,

And submit it without hesitating!

PS: I’m not able to review/accept Sherlockian creations as of now. I’ll remove this note if I’m able to do it again.