About Me: Some Words About the Guy Behind This Site

Hi there!

I’m Meghashyam Chirravoori. 

That name’s a bit difficult to pronounce for most people. So you can think of me as ‘Megh.’

I live in New Delhi, India. I was born in 1987. I’m married.

Here’s a picture of me:

Meghashyam Chirravoori posing as Sherlock Holmes

Now rambling on about myself paragraph after paragraph might get a bit boring, so I’ll use an interview format to tell you a bit more about myself.

Also, I like being interviewed. 😉

How did you get interested in Sherlock Holmes?

That’s something I relish talking about. So, I’ve created a page you can check out called: ‘How I First Came Across Sherlock Holmes.

The crux is that my grandpa was a person who loved reading.

I borrowed The Complete Sherlock Holmes from him when I was around 11 years old. I lapped up most of it, loved it and forgot about it.

In 2012, I suddenly felt inspired and read all the Sherlock Holmes books againon the Kindle App for iPhone. I got just as excited again (if not more).

On March 1, 2013, I registered the domain name: SherlockHolmes-Fan.com.

What excites me about the stories is 2 things: the mystery in the story which is eye-popping in many of the stories, and Sherlock Holmes’ mind-boggling deductions which are just plain awesome.

It also helps that the stories and novels are amazingly fast-paced for something written more than 100 years ago.

I guess, at the core, the fantasy that the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels create every time I read them – that’s what is really magical about them.

It’s like I enter that fantastic world and become a part of it.

What do you do when you’re not working on SherlockHolmes-Fan.com or reading up/watching Sherlock Holmes related stuff?

Ah, many things.

My wife and I run English grammar classes for kids under the banner ‘Grammar Gang.’

I try to teach English in a fun way in these classes.

I read. Being the only child of my parents I was by myself most of the time as a child. That spurred my love for reading and I still love to read.

I mainly read personal-growth oriented books, detective fiction and sometimes fantasy novels.

I walk or exercise for around an hour every day. I love walking. It stimulates me.

I often journal and ask myself what’s up while I walk. Plus – it helps me burn off calories.

I spend plenty of time with my wife – Krupa

I cook. New things I’ve never cooked before. I find it to be very therapeutic!

That’s me experimenting with food and exercising…

What did you do before you started SherlockHolmes-Fan.com?

A lot of interesting as well as boring things.

If I had to mention three important milestones, I would say I…

…Graduated from IIT Roorkee, India, in 2009.

…Worked on a website called Personal-Development-Is-Fun.com where I wrote about things I learnt everyday. That website is still live but I haven’t touched it for years now.

I also wrote a book called 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks during that time.

…Fell in love and then got married in 2011. 🙂

That’s a picture of me and my wife – Krupa.

What are three things you’ve learnt from Sherlock Holmes?

I wouldn’t say I’ve learnt all there is to learn from Sherlock Holmes yet. I’d say I’m still learning.

Here are the things I’m learning…

1 His Observation Skills

I try to notice the shapes of leaves near my house.

I try  to notice what people are wearing at the cinema or in the marketplace .

I try to notice the designs of different houses as I walk past them.

Sometimes, at least.

That’s not anything super-human – but I’ve got to credit Sherlock Holmes for helping me become more observant. Of course, I’m nowhere near where he is. But I’m learning and it’s fun.

2 The Life-lessons He Doles Out!

Don’t believe Sherlock Holmes says anything that can motivate you?

How’s this then?

Or this:

If you observe carefully, there are quite a few gems like these in the Sherlock Holmes stories. I love ’em!

3 Sherlock Holmes’ Calmness in Extreme Situations

He plays a prank on Watson and another inspector. He dines merrily saying,”Watson, you have not yet recognized my merits as a housekeeper.”

All this just before a planned deadly chase in The Sign of the Four.

There’s a murderer that Sherlock Holmes is about to arrest by surprise in less than 1 minute in A Study in Scarlet.

Is he nervous? Is his heartbeat a bit above the normal?

Not really, because he’s actually teasing Inspector Lestrade saying his (Sherlock Holmes’) street urchins are better than the detective force.

And mind you – he’s told none of the people around him about the murderer yet!

How on earth can he be so calm before such threatening situations?

I need to think about this the next time I feel stressed out when the food I’ve ordered doesn’t arrive on time. 🙂

What’s your most favourite page on this site?

There are many but this page about Sherlock Holmes’ life is a page that’s quite exhaustive.

It’s a page that I loved creating and am sort of satisfied with.

How can someone contact you?

The best way would be this page. It offers plenty of options.

Do you want to ask me a Sherlock Holmes related question? Then this page would be perfect.