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NOTE: As of now, I'm not sending this newsletter on a regular basis. However, you can view the back-issues of this newsletter here.

The Sherlock Holmes Gazette is a FREE, fun-filled newsletter that I send out every month.

It's interesting.

It's full of Sherlock Holmes.

And it'll make you smile or say 'Wow' or maybe both. :-)

The Sherlock Holmes Fan Monthly Newsletter

Here's what every month's newsletter has:

* The Weird and Crazy Sherlockian Fact of the Month - An absurd statistic or shocking fact about Sherlock Holmes that's actually useless but still fun to know!

* Everything New at in That Month - All the new posts and updates.

* That Month's Sherlockian Discoveries - A mention of interesting-looking Sherlockian articles or images or products - discovered by me that particular month.

Here's the deal: if you love Sherlock Holmes, you'll find it to be a cool, breezy and fun read - once a month. 

Two FREE Gifts When You Subscribe

When you subscribe, apart from the fun-filled Sherlock Holmes Gazette, you'll also receive:

* A FREE PDF with funny, original Sherlock Holmes one-liners and jokes.

* All the Sherlock Holmes story collections and novels except for the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes - in PDF and ePUB formats.

There are some newsletters which are long drawn and boring or full of sales pitches.

I hate them too. I absolutely don't want this newsletter to be one of them!

So you can rest assured you'll not be bombarded with any 'Buy this or the world will end!' jazz. 

This is basically an avenue to share fun stuff about Sherlock Holmes and the Sherlockian world.

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