Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Can You Win
The Most Noble Order of Sherlock Holmes‘?

Take the Sherlock Holmes quiz and find out which order will be bestowed upon you! 

Will it be…

* The Order of Inspector Lestrade

* The Order of Dr. Watson

* The Order of Mycroft Holmes

* Or…The Most Noble Order of Sherlock Holmes?

The Order of Sherlock Holmes Badge in the Sherlock Holmes Quiz

There are three quiz levels. Level 1’s easy as ABC. Quite easy for a passionate Sherlock Holmes fan.

Level 2’s challenging.  Level 3 is for the crazy, “buried-in-the-books” Sherlock Holmes fans. It’s mind-blowing!

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Level 1: As Easy as ABC

Level 2: Challenging With a Capital ‘C!’

Completed Level 1? Great!

The Level 2 quiz digs deeper into the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Have you read the most common ones? Do you remember the important details? Then you should do fine.

Level 3: Mind-blowing With a Capital ‘M!’

Aha. So you’re going to attempt Level 3.

Are you a crazy fan? Are you the guy who “knows” things about Sherlock Holmes that hardly anyone else knows about? Of course you’ve read all the stories and books, right?

Fasten your seat-belt and click on ‘start’ below!

So well, hope you have enjoyed taking those quizzes and are feeling like this:

Feelings after attempting the Sherlock Holmes quiz

If you want to learn a lot of fascinating facts about Sherlock Holmes, you can check out this page (if you’ve already not checked it out, that is).

It’s got an exhaustive FAQ section about Sherlock Holmes. You know, some of the common stuff that everyone knows and a lot of uncommon stuff that you may not know at all!

That’s all for now. Bye!