Sherlock Holmes Stories: The Complete List + Fun Stuff!

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YOU: Hi there. Well, I like Sherlock Holmes and I've read a few of the original Sherlock Holmes stories but not all.

So, can you give me a complete list of all the stories? Can you tell me how many stories there are, how many novels - and how cool which one is...

ME: Sure! Take a peek at the complete list of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Don't forget to look at the ratings on the right. That'll help you decide which story is just cool and which one is uber-cool.

Sherlock Holmes Novels (4)

First Published

Name of the Novel

My Rating!

Nov, 1887

A Study in Scarlet


Feb, 1890

The Sign of the Four


Aug, 1901

-Apr, 1902

The Hound of the Baskervilles


Sep, 1914

-May, 1915

The Valley of Fear


Sherlock Holmes Short Stories (56)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (12)
[First Published: October, 1892]

First Published

Name of the Story

My Rating!

Jul, 1891

A Scandal in Bohemia


Aug, 1891

The Red-Headed League


Sep, 1891

A Case of Identity


Oct, 1891

The Boscombe Valley Mystery


Nov, 1891

The Five Orange Pips


Dec, 1891

The Man With the Twisted Lip


Jan, 1892

The Blue Carbuncle


Feb, 1892

The Speckled Band


Mar, 1892

The Engineer's Thumb


Apr, 1892

The Noble Bachelor


May, 1892

The Beryl Coronet


Jun, 1892

The Copper Beeches


The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (11)
[First Published: December, 1893]

First Published

Name of the Story

My Rating!

Dec, 1892

Silver Blaze


Feb, 1893

The Yellow Face


Mar, 1893

The Stockbroker's Clerk


Apr, 1893

The Gloria Scott


May, 1893

The Musgrave Ritual


Jun, 1893

The Reigate Squire


Jul, 1893

The Crooked Man


Aug, 1893

The Resident Patient


Sep, 1893

The Greek Interpreter


Oct, 1893

The Naval Treaty


Nov, 1893

The Final Problem


The Return of Sherlock Holmes (13)
[First Published: Feb, 1905]

First Published

Name of the Story

My Rating!

Sep, 1903

The Empty House


Oct, 1903

The Norwood Builder


Dec, 1903

The Dancing Men


Dec, 1903

The Solitary Cyclist


Jan, 1904

The Priory School


Feb, 1904

The Adventure of Black Peter


Mar, 1904

Charles Augustus Milverton


Apr, 1904

The Six Napoleons


Jun, 1904

The Three Students


Jul, 1904

The Golden Pince-Nez


Aug, 1904

The Missing Three-Quarter


Sep, 1904

The Abbey Grange


Oct, 1904

The Second Stain


His Last Bow (8)
[First Published: October, 1917]

First Published

Name of the Story

My Rating!

Aug, 1908

Wisteria Lodge


Jan, 1893

The Cardboard Box


Mar-Apr, 1911

The Red Circle


Dec, 1908

The Bruce-Partington Plans


Nov, 1913

The Dying Detective


Dec, 1911

Lady Frances Carfax


Dec, 1910

The Devil's Foot


Sep, 1917

His Last Bow


The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (12)
[First Published: June, 1927]

First Published

Name of the Story

My Rating!

Oct, 1921

The Mazarin Stone


Feb-Mar, 1922

Thor Bridge


Mar, 1923

The Creeping Man


Jan, 1924

The Sussex Vampire


Oct, 1924

The Three Garridebs


Nov, 1924

The Illustrious Client


Sep, 1926

The Three Gables


Oct, 1926

The Blanched Soldier


Nov, 1926

The Lion's Mane


Dec, 1926

The Retired Colourman


Jan, 1927

The Veiled Lodger


Mar, 1927

Shoscombe Old Place


YOU: Phew. Great. Now I guess I have a good idea about all the Sherlock Holmes stories. But - I am a bit overwhelmed. There are just so many stories!

So, which ones are the best ones? Like the top 10 'must read' stories you know..

ME: Here's my 'top 10 Holmes stories list'!

The best Sherlock Holmes stories according to Meghashyam from Sherlock Holmes Fan

Now, obviously that's my opinion and another opinion about the top 10 stories might not hurt, right?

Well, so here's Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's own list of favourite Sherlock Holmes stories! This list appeared in the Strand Magazine in 1927.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's list of 12 best Sherlock Holmes stories.

Looking at the two lists will tell you that there are exactly two stories in common ;-)

From this, we can deduce two things:

1) There are many awesome Sherlock Holmes stories!

2) Every reader has his or her own favourites they will insist upon :P

PS: Would you like to tell us all about YOUR best story? Submit your choice here!

YOU: Wow. Things are getting clearer.

Now, your top 10 stories are stories from different story collections, right? If I had to start reading a story collection - a book - which one should I read first?

Basically, what should my first Sherlock Holmes book be?

ME: I'd say begin with - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Three of my top 10 stories are in the book and almost everyone agrees that it's the best Sherlock Holmes story collection out there.

It's also the first set of Holmes stories ever published - so that just seals the deal.

Which Holmes novel should you read first? I would suggest The Hound of the Baskervilles. It's not the first Holmes novel ever - BUT - it's the best!

The first Sherlock Holmes books you should read

YOU: I had come here to just know what all Sherlock Holmes stories there were - but now you've got me quite interested.

I'd love to see some more interesting facts and trivia about the stories. If you could give me some 'quickie' facts, that would be great!

ME: At your service!

Here's a small infographic that shows some lesser known (and some well known) stuff about Sherlock Holmes stories:

An infographic that shows some cooll facts about Sherlock Holmes stories.

YOU: That picture had quite some info. I didn't know about that "write me down an ass" quote for instance.

Now that I'm satiated enough with all this Holmes info, can you tell me where I could download all the Holmes stories from?

Time to delve right in, you know...

ME: Yup. Right here:

(If you're from the USA, don't download using these links. Scroll down further.)

Now if you're from the USA, then the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes is still copyright protected for you. So you can download everything except for The Casebook.

Use these links instead of the links above:

Hope you have as great a time reading the stories as I did when I read them first (long my grandma's house) ;-)

PS: If you'd like to know loads of fun stuff about Sherlock Holmes himself, then visiting this page is a splendid idea.

What is YOUR Best Sherlock Holmes Story and Why Do You Like It So Much?

Come, participate in creating the 'Sherlock Holmes Fan' Readers Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Stories List. Tell us all what your all time favourite Holmes story is and why?

The top 10 stories overall as selected by readers will be features in a separate page. Cast your vote by naming your best story!

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