Sherlock Quotes: 30 Unforgettable Gems From BBC’s Sherlock!

BBC’s Sherlock’s quotes rock.

You see, Sherlock is a weird guy.  He’s so condescending at times that you want to lift your hands in disbelief.

At other times he’s hilariously inept at social graces.

Then there are times when he deduces the daylights out of absolutely nothing and leaves you gaping.

And at yet other times he comes up with side-splitting punchlines.

What you can’t deny is that he’s completely lovable. And so are his quotes!

Here are 30 of the best Sherlock quotes I could find – quotes by and about the most ‘human human being’ out there who also thinks like a machine. 🙂


Sherlock: “Quiet. Calm. Peaceful. Isn’t it hateful.”

Mrs. Hudson: “Oh, I’m sure something will turn up. A nice murder. That’ll cheer you up.”

The Great Game

Quote Titbit: Now, mind you, it’s not Sherlock’s attitude that’s funny here. It’s Mrs. Hudson’s pampering that is.

She takes the phrase ‘spoiling someone silly’ to a record extreme when she talks about murder like she’s saying, “Aww. I’ll get you that chocolate bar. That’ll cheer you up.” 🙂


Sherlock: “Impossible suicides? Four of them? There’s no point sitting at home when there’s finally something fun going on!

Mrs. Hudson: “Look at you, all happy. It’s not decent.”

Sherlock: “Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!”

A Study in Pink

Quote Titbit: This is one of those special quotes from Sherlock that made a shiver run down my spine! That’s because right after Sherlock says this, he and John walk out for their first ever adventure together.

love that scene.

And then, of course, there’s Sherlock’s eerie attitude towards crime. He talks about those suicides like he’s saying, “I’m so excited to explore that adventure park!” 

Sherlock Happy - Says the Game is On


Sherlock: “Look, it doesn’t matter to me who’s Prime Minister… or who’s sleeping with who …”

John : “Whether the Earth goes round the Sun.”

… Sherlock: “Not that again. It’s not important.”

… John: “But it’s the solar system!”

Sherlock: “Oh, hell! What does that matter? So we go round the Sun! If we went round the Moon, or round and round the garden like a teddy bear, it wouldn’t make any difference.”

The Great Game

Quote Titbit: OK, the Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know about the Solar System and the Earth revolving around the Sun. Granted.

He doesn’t even care.

And: he’s proud of not knowing it – and says it’s foolish to know! It is definitely a fun scene – watching Sherlock justify how cool it is to not know basic stuff.

Sherlock thinking about the Solar System and the Earth revolving around the Sun.


John: “Having fun?”

Sherlock: “Starting to.”

John: “At least don’t do the smiling. Kidnapped children?”

The Reichenbach Fall

Quote Titbit: I love how Sherlock completely loses himself when he examines a crime scene. I know it’s not fun: him chuckling when two kids have been kidnapped.

It’s weird, yes. Unnerving, oh, yes. Yet, it’s also endearing to see the pure joy on his face.


Sherlock: “Two beers, please.”

Bartender: “Pints?”

Sherlock: “443.7 ml.” (Places measuring cylinders.)

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: This is one scene that always cracks me up!

I’d describe the sight of Sherlock putting those two measuring cylinders down and saying, “443.7 ml” at John’s stag party as: side-splitting. 🙂

This, by the way, is how Sherlock’s dream bar would look like, I guess.

Sherlock's ideal bar

6Sherlock's quotes where he makes others out to be ... idiots!

Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring!

A Study in Pink

Quote Titbit:  Sherlock’s got more than his share of talents but humbleness is not even in his vicinity.

Sherlock, John and Lestrade are at the crime scene and Sherlock’s making deductions left, right and center about the corpse.

That’s when Lestrade can’t understand one of the deductions.

Sherlock looks at him as if he’s saying: “What! You’re in Grade 10 and you don’t know the multiplication table of 2?”

It’s a ‘ripping apart‘ kind of line but well, I couldn’t get it out of my mind!


Because you’re an idiot. No, no, no. Don’t look like that. Practically everyone is. “

A Study in Pink

Quote Titbit: What’s funny is not that Sherlock’s calling John an idiot.

What’s funny is him trying to appease John saying something like, “Dude, that’s fine. Everyone’s dumb. It’s OK.”

The obviousness in Sherlock’s tone is what makes this one hilarious.


Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

A Study in Pink

Quote Titbit: Sherlock and Anderson’s chemistry is cracklingthroughout the whole series. You see both of them in the same scene and there you are – waiting for the sarcasmfireworks to begin!

Poor Anderson always ends up saying something dumb and igniting some Sherlockian crackers that have him running for cover…

Sherlock and Anderson's sizzling chemistry!


Sherlock: “Pass me my phone.”

John: “Where is it?”

Sherlock: “Jacket (his own).”

The Great Game

Quote Titbit: There’s laziness of the first degree. There’s world-class laziness. And then there’s Sherlockian laziness.

I mean, Sherlock’s calling John to his side to take his(Sherlock’s) phone out of his pocket and give it to him?

If my friend did that, I would have to put my friendship in the ‘we need to talk‘ mode. But when Sherlock does this on screen, I love it! 🙂


Sherlock: “Shut up, Mrs. Hudson.”

Mrs. Hudson: “I haven’t said a word!”

Sherlock: “You’re formulating a question. It’s physically painful watching you think.”

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: Yet another one of Sherlock’s, “I’ll rip you apartbecause I’ll be so brutally honest that you’ll be stunned into silence for 2 minutes.” moments.

Poor Mrs. Hudson is at the receiving end this time. She’s trying to figure out why Sherlock’s up so early when Sherlock blasts her into smithereens!


Sherlock: “You’ve been letting things slide, Graham.”

Lestrade: “Greg.”

The Empty Hearse

Quote Titbit: This is funny because Sherlock forgets Lestrade’s first name umpteen times!

He calls him Graham in The Empty Hearse. He calls him Gavin in The Sign of Three . He calls him Geoff in the same episode!

It’s the chemistry between him and Lestrade that’s interesting. There’s some muddled combination of love, respect, teacher-student stuff, sarcasm and hate – all mixed into a ball.

It’s fun to watch. 🙂

Sherlock forgets Lestrade's first name - again


(After a girl had screamed on seeing Sherlock)

Lestrade to Sherlock: “Don’t let it get you. I always feel like screaming when you walk into a room. In fact, so do most people.”

The Reichenbach Fall

Quote Titbit: So, there’s this scene in The Reichenbach Fall, where Sherlock enters a room with two kidnapped children. The kidnapped girl screams away when she sees Sherlock.

Sherlock’s obviously stunned. I mean, anyone would be.

That’s when Lestrade smacks Sherlock with this brilliant punchline!


Sherlock: “Punch me in the face.”

John: “Punch you?”

Sherlock: “Yes, punch me in the face. Didn’t you hear me?”

John: “I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking – but it’s usually sub-text.”

A Scandal in Belgravia

Quote Titbit: I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one.

There’s hardly any guy you see, who hasn’t been called an idiot by our polite dude Sherlock. It’s a wonder people don’t punch the daylights out of him.

John gets right back at him with this one though.

When Sherlock asks John to punch him (to help him with a disguise), he gives him a rattling figurative punch with this quote. Then, he gives him a real one.

Sherlock says, 'Punch me in the face' to John.


Sherlock: “Dominatrix…”

Mycroft: “Don’t be alarmed. It is to do with sex.”

Sherlock: “Sex doesn’t alarm me.”

Mycroft: “How would you know?”

A Scandal in Belgravia

Quote Titbit: Sherlock calls other people idiots so often that it’s fun when someone else ‘bowls him a googly.’

So, there he is, sitting in Buckingham Palace discussing Irene Adler when Mycroft takes a nice little dig by focusing on Sherlock’s one weak point: sex.

Poor Sherlock’s embarrassed, for once. 🙂


The bridesmaid to the best man – Sherlock:

“The famous Mr. Holmes. I’m very pleased to meet you. But no sex, okay.”

Sherlock: “Sorry?”

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: Throughout the show, Sherlock’s shown as sort of ‘asexual.’ So, there’s always this ‘extra embarrassment’ that Sherlock undergoes when it comes to sex…

Yes, it’s fun to watch Mary’s bridesmaid Janine say, “…no sex, okay.”

But what really made me guffaw was Sherlock’s “Sorry?” – which made it sound like he was saying, “Okay, but what’s this sex thing?” 🙂


“Don’t make people into heroes, John. Heroes don’t exist and if they did I wouldn’t be one of them.”

The Great Game

Quote Titbit: Sherlock’s so perfect when it comes to his deductions that John sort of starts idealizing him.

He’s pretty upset when he sees that Sherlock just doesn’t care about people dying. That’s when Sherlock sobers him up with this dose of realism.

love the dialogue delivery here.


People don’t like telling you things. They love to contradict you.

The Great Game

Quote Titbit: So, there’s this ‘apparent’ accident that’s occurred and Sherlock’s interviewing the wife of Ian Monkford – the affected guy.

He (Sherlock) doesn’t ask even one freakin’ question!

He just keeps putting words in her mouth. And there she is, contradicting him and spilling as many beans as Sherlock can gather!

Sherlock does indeed  know human nature well – at least when it comes to solving crimes.

People don't like telling you things. They love to contradict you.


Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.

The Reichenbach Fall

Quote Titbit: This one’s the big daddy of all the ‘hard-hitting’ Sherlock quotes out there.

It’s definitely one of the most popular Sherlock quotes. I mean, when I googled this quote, I got shown 32, 800webpages with exactly this quote, written just like this.

The way Sherlock says this to Jim Moriarty is hair-raising.


“John: One more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don’t be….dead.

Would you, just for me, just stop it? Stop this.”

The Reichenbach Fall

Quote Titbit: The words that made Sherlock fans cry. My eyes welled up too. The purity in John’s words is heartbreaking.

John asking Sherlock for one more miracle.


John: “You … you told me once that you weren’t a hero.

Umm … there were times I didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this: you were the best man, and the most human human being that I’ve ever known.”

The Reichenbach Fall

Quote Titbit: Beautifully written. Beautifully delivered.

John says this at Sherlock’s grave and there could be no better tribute that John could pay Sherlock.

“The most human human being,” – it’s the most honest compliment one can give Sherlock. We call him ‘machine like,’ but the truth is also that he’s more himself and less artificial than almost anyone else.


I hope you’ll be very happy Molly Hooper. You deserve it. After all, not all men you fall for can turn out to be sociopaths.

The Empty Hearse

Quote Titbit: The one time you cannot like Sherlock is when he sort of ‘ill-treats’ Molly. She adores him and Sherlock manipulates her and makes her do things for him because of that.

That’s bad.

So, finally, when Sherlock is humble enough to say thank youand he wishes her well, it’s…nice.

Here’s a pencil sketch that, I think, captures the moment quite well.

Sherlock and Molly emotional scene


John: “You were the best and the wisest man that I’ve ever known. Yes, of course, I forgive you.”

The Empty Hearse

Quote Titbit: Again, a heart-melting quote. Sherlock ‘died’ for two years and he didn’t tell John a thing. And now he’s back…

…And yet John forgives him. After a dozen punches, of course.

I’m not sure I could do that. It requires love and connection that run deeper than ocean floors.


I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant and all-round obnoxious arsehole that anyone  could possibly have the misfortune to meet.

I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful and uncomprehending in the face of the happy…

 John, I am a ridiculous man redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: I had to put this quote in this list because I think it’s so freakin’ true!

However, it’s admirable that Sherlock admits all of this stuff in public on John’s wedding day. He shows how much he values John’s presence in his life: something that we rarely get to see…

…A memorable moment.

Here’s a fun take on what Lestrade, Molly, Mrs. Hudson and John might have been thinking when Sherlock was making his humble revelation:

Sherlock's best man speech in The Sign of Three.


Molly: “How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with! And how dare you betray the love of your friends!

Say you’re sorry.”

His Last Vow

Quote Titbit: Unforgettable, beautiful scene.

I always knew Molly loved Sherlock but after that tight slapbefore this quote, I got to know how much.


I will solve your murder but it takes John Watson to save your life.

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: Every bit, true.

It’s also special because Sherlock comes up with this fitting tribute during his Best Man speech: just after everyone’s given up all hope of him saying anything sensible.


Mycroft: “We are in Buckingham Palace, the very heart of the British nation.

Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!”

Sherlock: “What for?”

Quote Titbit: Sherlock’s not wearing his pants in front of two other guys in blazers. Accepted.

He has to be told to wear pants inside the Buckingham Palace. Granted.

But it is with his “What for?” that Sherlock heralds a new era in social etiquette apathy. 🙂

I loved creating this interesting picture about Sherlock and social etiquette:

Sherlock and social etiquette


John: “I’m definitely going to kill you.”

Sherlock: “Oh please. Killing me, that’s so two years ago.”

The Empty Hearse

Quote Titbit: Mr. Punchline is at it again!

He’s hardly been forgiven by his best friend for 2 minutes, and here he is: cracking up about his disappearance!

It’s so shameless, it’s ludicrous and…lovable.


You’re hardly going to need me around now that you’ve got a real baby on the way.

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: So, finally, after seven episodes of calling others idiots, Sherlock ‘becomes a man’ by admitting that he’s…

a baby. 🙂

OK, better late than never, I say!


…Murder. Sorry, did I say murder? I meant to say marriage.

But, you know, they’re quite similar procedures when you think about it. The participants tend to know each other and it’s over when one of them’s dead.

The Sign of Three

Quote Titbit: Sherlock’s Best Man speech is one of the most hilarious scenes in BBC Sherlock. It’s like this fighter plane that’s diving so fast, you know it’ll crash: and then it springs right up and roars.

This quote, as you can clearly see – is during one of those diving, ‘Holy God! Disaster is about to strike…’ moments.

Sherlock's Best Man speech's appropriateness graph


John: “I’ve been seeing someone. We’re getting married.”

Mrs. Hudson: “So soon after Sherlock…What’s his name?”

John: “It’s a woman. Sherlock was not my boyfriend.”

Mrs. Hudson: “Live and let live. That’s my motto.”

Quote Titbit: Love her or love her, you just can’t help loving her!

Warm, pampering and thoroughly adorable, Mrs. Hudson’s sure as hell that John and Sherlock are gay.

Nothing wrong with that, as she points out ever so often, just that…

…it’s uproarious when she positively refuses  to believe that they’re not gay.

I can almost hear her say in her head, “Oh, these darlings, they’re just embarrassed to admit it.” 🙂

PS: if you want to take a peek at the original Sherlock Holmes’ quotes: this is the place to go to.