Sherlockoji: The Sherlock Holmes Emoji Stickers App

Have you ever thirsted for Sherlock Holmes themed emojis when conveying your excitement or sadness to someone?

Or maybe you've want to congratulate someone on their birthday or anniversary and missed giving your message that Sherlockian touch?

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Sherlockoji is an Android and iOS app that helps you share cute, interesting, funny and completely Sherlockian emoji stickers. 

You can even share some fun Sherlock Holmes themed objects through this app: for instance, you can send dancing men messages or Victorian telegrams.

Sherlockoji screenshot - the app allows you to share Sherlock Holmes emoji stickers!
Sherlockoji is the app these fun emojis are from.

 You can send out perfectly-sized images of the five orange pips, the message 'RACHE', a skull, a jack knife with correspondence, fingerprints or a cartoon version of the Reichenbach Falls!

To top it, you can even share cute and funny stickers based on Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Moriarty, Irene Adler and more!

Sherlockoji Screenshot
Victorian telegrams and dancing men stickers

Is the App Free to Download?

Yes, Sherlockoji is FREE to download!

The free version has 65+ Sherlock Holmes themed stickers. You can enjoy those happily or you can upgrade to the premium version and gain access to 200+ Sherlockian emojis with an in-app purchase.

How Do You Share These Emoji Stickers?

In Android, all you need to do is open Sherlockoji and tap an image or sticker.

You will see options to share that emoji using whatever messaging apps you have on your phone - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger - or any other messaging app.

In iOS, tap the sticker and then tap the 'share' button.

You'll see options to copy the emoji sticker or share it on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage or any other messaging app you have.

Conversation using Sherlock Holmes emoji stickers (Sherlockoji app)

So, well, why not try Sherlockoji out, especially since the basic version is free?

Here's where you can download the Android or iOS versions:

Get it on Google Play
Download it on the App Store