What on Earth Is RSS?

I Know This!

Are you thinking, "I know what RSS is. Just tell me how to subscribe to this site's RSS feed?" Click here then!

Using RSS basically means that there's this thing called RSS reader and you can get all the latest updates from any site on this reader thing.

So let's say you subscribe to around 20 websites on your RSS reader. This means that whenever any of those 20 websites update their content, you don't need to visit each of those 20 sites. 

All you need to do is open your RSS reader.

Boom! You'll get updates from each of those sites you've subscribed too.

So, if you subscribe to updates from Sherlock Holmes Fan, you don't need to come here every time you want to see what's new. You just need to visit your RSS reader. That's where you can catch this website and umpteen others!

It's basically like having your favorite parts of the Web come to you. No need to go out and check for updates all the time. No need for bookmarks!

"RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication." But that's just a fancy phrase. It's not that difficult, you know.

Computer-based RSS Readers

So how do you get started? Easy!

Download a free RSS Reader first (or skip to the bottom to learn about Web-based readers). This is special software that reads the RSS feeds...

Windows -- RSS Reader


Mac -- NetNewsWire


Once you're set up, all you have to do is this:

This site's RSS feed is: http://www.sherlockholmes-fan.com/sherlock-holmes.xml

Paste that into your RSS reader and you should be subscribed.

That's it! 

Web-based RSS Readers

You can also use a Web-based RSS reader. Here are some examples of web-based RSS readers:

You can visit those websites above or, you can simply look for any of those buttons on this site.

When you click on any of those buttons on this site, you will automatically see options to set up an account on those RSS readers.

Well, that's it about RSS readers!

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