What’s the Theme of the Story – The Six Napoleons?

Question by an Anonymous Reader from Warsaw, Indiana, the USA

What's the theme of the story: The Six Napoleons?

What is the theme in the Sherlock Holmes story – The Six Napoleons?

My Answer

Hi. When you say ‘theme,’ I guess you basically want to ask:

‘What’s the plot of The Six Napoleons in as few words as possible?’

Well, I’ll take it that that’s what you mean. Here’s the crux of the story…

Inspector Lestrade’s got a problem: the problem is that some apparently crazy guy is breaking Napolean busts all over London!

This guy doesn’t really harm anyone – he just enters people’s houses/shops and breaks Napoleon’s busts.

Is he a Napoleon hater? I mean, why would someone just break such statues?

* Spoiler Alert!*

Of course, you can’t fool Sherlock Holmes for long.

Holmes suspects that there’s a method to the madness. This crazy guy is breaking statues that were made in one factory.

Holmes also sees that this guy takes statues to ‘well-lit’ areas and only then breaks them.

So, he doesn’t just want to break the statues, he wants to see something inside the statues.

Maybe, there’s something this statue-breaker has hidden inside the statue?

Sherlock Holmes goes to the main factory that manufactured the statues – Gelder and Co. He finds out something cool here: there were six such statues sent to different parts of London.

Now, 4 statues have been broken. 2 are left. Sherlock Holmes finds out the addresses of these 2 places where the remaining 2 statues have been

sold. He thinks something to this effect: “The statue-breaker will attack one of these two places now.”

He’s right!

Holmes and Inspector Lestrade find the statue-breaker guy in Chiswick – where one of the statues was sold. That guy’s arrested! His name is Beppo.

The last unbroken statue (out of the total six statues) is left with Holmes now.

When Sherlock Holmes himself breaks this last statue, he finds a very precious black pearl inside it.

This is the black pearl of the famous Borgia family!

This Beppo dude had apparently hidden the gem in one of the statues. He used to work in the statue-making factory, you see.

That’s the crux of what happens in The Six Napoleons.

Now, I’ve missed out some intricate points in the story. For example, I’ve not talked about this Beppo guy’s cousin, who’s also there in the story. Or the murder that occurs in the story…

But you’ve got the gist I guess.

Read the Original Story

I’d definitely recommend that you read the original, complete version of The Six Napoleons at least once. Even though I’ve told you about the plot, it’s so interesting, that you’ll still love reading it again.

OK, final words: it’s worth it.

Here’s where you can download the PDF version of The Six Napoleons.

This is where you can get the ePUB version.

And yes – if you’d like to learn some fascinating facts about all the Sherlock Holmes stories – here’s a nice place to do that.

Have a great day!